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435 (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

The sqaudrons leadership team is responsibe for the nightly running, and wider afield acivities the cadets enjoy so frequently, made up of Officers and SNCOs in the uniformed cadre, civilian instructior and the wealfere commite makes up the rest of the staff, all of which contribute skills and training be it millitary or civil which adds to the squadron. The Cadet NCOs also play a vital role in tutoring the next generation of cadets.

Flt Lt T.Cockeram 

Officer Commanding



Sgt C.Talbot




CI A.Hill



CI A.Elson



CI M.Clarke




profile Civ com

FS Forbes-Hasings-Brown

The flight sergeant has been at the squadron for 4 years, and achieved his method of instruction, first aid at work, bronze DofE, gold cyber, silver radio, bronze radio/cyber assessor and heart start assessor qualifications, along with taking part in many parades, and camps namely those in the 75th year of the air cadets.

Sgt Pratt

Sgt Pratt has been with the squadron for 3 years after transfering from 235 squadron. Over these years, he has comleted his bronze D of E, performed in countless places including performing infront of the Prince of Wales with the wing band and also helps the squadron in many events on and off base.

Cpl Gardner

Cpl Gardner has been with the air cadets 3 years now and has made many achievements over these few years including: completing the swynerton leadership course, bronze D of E and helping the squadron with bag backs and partaking in many opportunities that come her way with the ambition to still progress further in her cadet career.

Cpl Rorbach

Cpl Rorbach has been with the squadron for 2 years.  Within her time so far, she has achieved both bronze cyber and radio. She has completed leading and is currently doing senior and has also done her heart start qualifitation along with having attended many squadron events such as fundraising and will attended more.

Sgt M.Clarke

Squadron Warrent officer 



CI N.Hill

Squadron Adjutant



CI L.Johnson

Flight simulator



CI T.Sweeney



S. Monkman


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Sgt Mills

SGT Mills has been in the Cadets for over 4 years. Completing: Activity First Aid, Silver Leadership, Bronze Cyber, Bronze Radio, Cadet Method of Instruction, Basic Field craft. Also acting as DS on Swynnerton. and is looking to progress to Flight Sergeant to help better the SQN for his Departure in January

Sgt Smith

Has been at the sqaudron for over 3 years, completing his youth first aid, senior, bronze road marching, and the swynnerton leadership course, along with helping out on a number of events.

Cpl Shaw

CPL shaw has been in the cadets for 2 years. Over this time he has completed his bronze D of E, heart start qualification and most importantly the cosford March. He hopes to do a lot more in the near future.